One of the oldest towns in South Africa situated 80 km north-east of Cape Town.

Its breathtaking views over the Riebeek Valley deliver on all it promises.  The quaint little village nestled among these huge mountains which seemed as sheltered from the outside world. A walk through the village will entice you with interesting shops, wineries, olive farms, and restaurants, with the magnificent backdrop of the mountains. The town promises to offer a smorgasbord of fine country living.

It is home to many artists, artisans, and crafters.  Should you be in the market for some fine art, or just browsing for some unique gifts, this is the place to be. While visiting the verandah of the hotel, you will meet interesting people, all eager for a chinwag as it seems that in this little village, time took a backseat.

Enjoy baked bread and homemade cheese, with olives from the local farms with figs and Camembert Cheese, and good wine on the side. The small town has many affordable accommodation options should you want to stay overnight.  The hotel is beautiful with well-kept gardens and old-world charm. One can quite imagine in this historical setting,  the ladies and gentlemen in their Top hats and Tails, with nary a worry in the world.

Best Destinations in Riebeek Kasteel