This tiny town has much to offer in the form of nature and total relaxation.  The local hotel is the gathering place of locals and all who happen to stop by. Close to the local wetland, Verlorenvlei, which s a Ramsar wetland.  Eland’s Bay along with much of this coastline is an “important” bird habitat.

You will experience wonderful chats with the local fisherman that go out in their own little boats called “Skuite in Afrikaans or Bakkies” and will be able to learn how they make “Bokkoms” a salty fish delicacy made into salty snacks.

In 2009 the Western Cape Heritage Foundation declared the Elands Bay cave a provincial heritage site. due to the San Rock art which can still be seen. If you are lucky you might experience the folk dance of the locals called the Rieldans, which they dance with fervor to the music made on the “blik kitaar”, (a homemade guitar made from an empty oil can, a piece of wood, and some fishing line.

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