A feeling of Old World Charm greets you when you enter the town of Darling.  The town lies tucked away between hills of vineyards and golden wheat fields. Here you can still expect to see a horse and cart cantering through the streets on a Saturday afternoon. A gaggle of geese might waddle into a neighbor’s garden to forage. You may witness a funeral procession accompanied by the consolatory gospel sounds of a traditional brass band.

Lovingly restored Victorian homes and ancient trees make an idyllic setting for a getaway that promises serenity, nature, culture, and more.  The platform that Pieter Dirk Uys has provided through Evita se Peron, became a building block for the small town to showcase the crafts talent made by locals.  This assists in self-sustainable living.

Make sure to visit the town during the winter season as the flowers are magnificent from July to October. when Darling invites you to linger just a little longer.

The coffee shops and eateries, along with artisan beer and great wine, makes this a destination of choice.

Best Destinations in Darling