Get ready to experience the hype around the captivating town of Clanwilliam, nestled 200 kilometers north of Cape Town along the enchanting N7 highway. As you traverse through this scenic route, you’ll be mesmerized by the Olifants River Valley and the majestic Cederberg mountains that punctuate the landscape.

The town’s cultural and historical richness is evident from the moment you arrive. Venture into the caves and overhangs dispersed throughout the area, where you’ll uncover the remarkable San Rock Art, a testament to the earliest human inhabitants of the region. Just north of Clanwilliam lies Wupperthal, an old Moravian mission station and the heart of a vibrant subsistence farming community, renowned for its classic veldskoene, or soft leather shoes.

Stroll through Clanwilliam itself and explore its charming galleries, intriguing shops, and delightful restaurants.

Be sure to admire the iconic Maltese cross, a symbol of the town’s intriguing history. For nature enthusiasts, the Sevilla Rock trails, Stadsaal caves, and the vast expanse of the Cederberg Wilderness Area await, with their dramatic landscapes and boundless adventures.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, challenge yourself to conquer the legendary Wolfberg Cracks.

Prepare to be captivated by Clanwilliam’s allure, where beauty, history, and thrilling escapades intertwine to create an experience you won’t soon forget.


Om by Clanwilliam in te ry sal altyd voel asof mens so bietjie terug ry in tyd. Die Olifants Rivier wat die vallei so half omvou is pragtig.  Die blomme staan ‘n dik matte  sover as die oog kan sien en die berge is so blou soos die  lug.  Gaan kuier om die mooi rots tekeninge van die Khoi San wat ek gesien het in een van die klowe van die Cederberge. Die rots tekeninge wys van oertyd se dans en jubel.  Gaan besoek Leipolt se graf wat nog gesien kan word in die Cederberge.

Die Slameier winkel – Daar’s ‘n ewige rintinkel in die ou slamaierwinkel, Waar die tameletjies en groenvye stik; Want die reuk van knoflokknolle meng met diè van kanferbolle,en daar’s rooi saffraan en bokkoms in ‘n blik. (Afrikaans soete taal)  Die winkeltjies wat jy deurloop sal  nostalgies herinner half aan die gedig – C Louis Leipoldt.