About Rus ‘n Bietjie

A Charming Seaside Getaway

Discover the allure of the L’Agulhas of yesteryear at Rus ‘n Bietjie, a quaint coastal retreat. Built in 1938, this charming old house offers a unique and delightful experience for those seeking a taste of the sea. With its rustic ambiance and stunning views, Rus ‘n Bietjie has become a beloved choice among visitors. Let’s explore the features and appeal of this hidden gem.

A Glimpse into History

Built almost a century ago, Rus ‘n Bietjie carries the remnants of its humble beginnings. Originally comprising only two rooms, the house has since expanded into a spacious three-bedroom haven. Despite the additions, the essence of an old fisherman’s cottage remains intact. From painted cement floors to door frames salvaged from old fishing boats, every corner of Rus ‘n Bietjie tells a story of the sea.

Embrace the Rustic Charm

As you step foot into Rus ‘n Bietjie, you’ll find yourself enchanted by its rustic allure. The house may bear the marks of time, with a few cracks here and there, but it’s the very imperfections that add to its undeniable charm. This is not a sleek, modern retreat. Instead, it’s a cozy haven filled with character and nostalgia.

Comfortable Accommodations

Rus ‘n Bietjie offers three bedrooms to accommodate up to eight people. One bedroom boasts a double bed, while the other two have three single beds each. The house features a single bathroom with a unique touch, including a slightly lower toilet seat that remains surprisingly comfortable. Additionally, an outdoor toilet proves especially useful during family barbecues.


The well-equipped kitchen ensures a convenient stay. With a combination fridge/freezer, microwave, and a gas stove, preparing meals becomes a breeze, even during loadshedding. All the necessary cooking utensils are provided, along with a small supply of basic necessities like Coffee and Tea. You’ll have everything you need to create delicious meals while enjoying the seaside ambiance.

Entertainment and Connectivity

Relax in the cozy sitting room, where a smart TV awaits. With access to Netflix and YouTube, you can unwind with your favorite shows and movies. An OVHD decoder provides access to SABC and a few other programs. Should you desire additional channels, feel free to bring along your own DStv decoder. Stay connected with unlimited fiber Wi-Fi, even during loadshedding, thanks to a small UPS backup system.

Proximity to the Sea

While Rus ‘n Bietjie isn’t directly on the seafront, it offers the next best thing—a remarkable view. With only a vibe Crete wall separating you from the ocean, you’ll not only see the sea but also hear, smell, and feel its refreshing presence. Imagine waking up to the sounds of crashing waves  and getting comfortable with your cup of coffee or tea,  enjoying a sunrise. Having a BBQ and watching the sunset from the comfort of the veranda,  an experience that truly rejuvenates the soul.

A Haven for Families

Families will find delight in Rus ‘n Bietjie’s thoughtful amenities. Children can revel in a large sandpit on the property while parents watch over them from the stoep. As they grow older, they can venture down to the sea, just a short distance away, under their parents’ watchful eye. Plus, the pet-friendly policy ensures that even four-legged family members can join in the fun as the home is fully fenced.

The Beloved Choice, but not everyone’s cup of tea.

The guest who appreciates nostalgia, history and going back in time a bit, will enjoy its special charm, it’s an unrivaled accommodation choice. This beloved old house holds a special place in the hearts of many, rekindling memories of simpler times and providing a cozy retreat away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.


Rus ‘n Bietjie offers flexible pricing options to suit different group sizes, ranging from weekends to midweek stays. Here is an overview of the rates:


2 people: R950 (R475 per person per night)

3 people: R1060 per night (R353 per person per night)

4 people: R1240 per night (R310 per person per night)

5 people: R1490 per night (R298 per person per night)

6 people: R1620 per night (R270 per person per night)

7 people: R1730 per night (R247 per person per night)

8 people: R1680 per night (R220 per person per night)

Midweek rates vary from R900 for 2 people to R1680 for 8 people.

  • Easter weekend and December holidays:
    • 6 people or fewer: R2100 per night + one-time cleaning fee of R200
    • 7 people: R2200 per night + one-time cleaning fee of R200
    • 8 people: R2300 per night + one-time cleaning fee of R200
  • One-night stays:
    • R400 per person with a minimum fee of R1400

No matter the duration of your stay, Rus ‘n Bietjie promises a delightful experience that won’t break the bank.

In conclusion, Rus ‘n Bietjie invites you to immerse yourself in the splendour of the past while enjoying modern comforts. With its captivating charm and breathtaking views, this old house offers a memorable seaside retreat. Plan your stay at Rus ‘n Bietjie and let the waves of tranquility wash over you.