About Le Touessrok- Apartment 47


We are selling Syndicated Ownership in Le Touessrok Beach House’s
Become the proud  c0-owner of A Beautiful 4-bedroom apartment situated on the beach and only 50 meters from the edge of the sea, right on Ski Boat Bay, Ramsgate, Natal South Coast.

Regarding the Purchase

You would become a co-owner of the property and enjoy 2 or 4 weeks use of the Apartment each year,
according to the number of weeks you purchase and select.  Ski Boat Bay Beach has life savers, shark nets and facilities for launching ski boats and jet skis. The beach is a gem and the Restaurant on the beach is fantastic.


  • SPECIAL FOR APRIL: R195 000.00! The Normal Price:
  • R250 000,00 for two weeks per year or
  • R460 000.00 (Special R390 000.00) for 4 weeks per year.

Your Investment

  • Investing in fractional ownership gives you all of the benefits and advantages of owning a
    luxury property on the beach at a fraction of the price.
  • Le Touessrok Beach House is fully furnished and paid for.
  • The company is responsible for the administration and the operational costs are distributed proportionately between the co-owners.


This huge 4 Bedroom Apartment has two main-en-suites and furnished with king-size beds.

  • The two-Family bedrooms have two three quarter extra-long beds in each room with an inter
    leading bathroom. There are three large bathrooms and a separate guest Toilet.
  • Huge kitchen with Island and Dining room seating 8. Lounge with TV & OpenView
  • The apartment is Wheel Chair friendly!!
  • There is a Braai on the Patio and braais in the gardens next to the Pool.
  • The entrance for the Syndication is Gate 3.
  • Penthouse block has parking for two vehicles, situated next to the lift that takes you directly to your private walkway with a Security door and its solid Rosewood front door.
  • It also have a Storeroom for Umbrellas, chairs etc.
  • Two more parking’s for guests at Gate 2 down to Gate 1.

Additional costs and Perks after Purchase.

  • The monthly Contribution is: R750 per two-week period per month.
  • Cleaning per visit R1200 Sterilizing etc.
  • Usage: The 2- or 4-weeks periods can be split into single weeks as required.
  • Legal Structure: You buy Shares in the Company that owns this very special Sectional Title
  • Apartment, right on Ski Boat Beach in the Le Touessrok complex.


  • In the event that you do not want to occupy the flat you can rent or swop your weeks with other Shareholders.
  • EXCHANGES ABROAD could be available, However, only once you have joined the Exchange first.  To join a registering fee applies.
  • This will be discussed once you have purchased your weeks.

Fractional Title Sales: A Unique Property Investment Opportunity

In recent years, fractional ownership has emerged as a popular investment model in the real estate market. Investors pool their resources to collectively purchase high-value assets, such as luxury properties, through co-ownership arrangements. One unique aspect of this investment opportunity is fractional title sales, where investors purchase shares or fractions of a property. This article will delve into the concept of fractional title sales, explore the pros and cons of this property investment opportunity, and provide key considerations for potential investors.

What is Fractional Ownership?

Fractional ownership is a unique investment model where investors purchase a share or fraction of a property.  Each investor holds a percentage of the property proportional to their investment, enabling co-owners to access luxury properties in sought-after locations at a lower entry cost.

Is Fractional Title Sales a Popular Investment Choice in South Africa?

While fractional ownership offers an affordable way to invest in exclusive real estate, it is not a widely popular investment choice in South Africa. A small percentage of properties are obtained through fractional ownership, primarily suited for holiday or short-term accommodation properties.

What Attracts Investors to Fractional Property Ownership?

Lower Entry Cost

Fractional ownership allows investors to own a share of luxury properties they may not afford individually. By spreading costs among co-owners, investors access exclusive real estate without full ownership expenses.


Investors can diversify their real estate portfolios by owning shares in multiple properties across different locations, mitigating risks associated with market fluctuations.

Exclusive Use

Co-owners have the opportunity to use the property for a specified period each year, combining investment benefits with personal enjoyment. This exclusive use allows investors to generate rental income when not using the property in the form of holiday letting. or exchanging with the other Shareholders/Investors.

Pros of Fractional Property Ownership

  • Cost Sharing: Reduce the financial burden of owning luxury properties.
  • Diversification: Own shares in multiple properties across various locations.
  • Exclusive Use: Enjoy the property for a specified period each year.
  • The year moves on one week every year! So each Shareholder/Investor gets a Holiday, Easter, Christmas months etc.

Expert Advice on Joint Property Ownership

David Knott of Private Client Trust shares valuable insights on joint property ownership, property inheritance, and trust-held properties.

Buying a Property Held in a Trust

When buying a property from a trust, transfer duty is payable at the normal rate, as per trust law, even if the entire trust is purchased.

Selling a Jointly Owned Property

All co-owners must agree to the sale, sign the deed of sale, or grant power of attorney for signing on their behalf.

Co-Inheriting Property

Co-inheritance is like joint property ownership, requiring all co-inheritors to manage, improve, and jointly sell the property.
In conclusion, fractional title sales offer investors a unique opportunity to access luxury properties, diversify their real estate portfolios, and enjoy hassle-free property management.