About !Khwa ttu inspirational Khoi San Tours

The San culture is one of the oldest cultures and a day at this center is very interesting.  The San Culture is a unique experience as you are able to embark on various tours within the center or out in the field.

The San people have been living across Southern Africa,  across six countries and the population is estimated at approximately 130,000 people. They are the last hunter-gatherer societies left on earth, with a lot of knowledge of the veld and various plants to be used for medicinal purposes. Their lifestyle and ancient way of life is a nostalgic memory of the freedom experienced many years ago.  Their language and culture are under grave threat from disenfranchisement, as well as the fact that few people have an understanding of their way of life. of  Thier story is an ancient one of a peace-loving nation. When you visit !Khwa ttu, the San will tell you their story, in their own words and in truthful recognition of their beliefs, their dreams, and their history.

When you are on the farm, then please embark on one of the Tours it is very informative.  Visitors are also able to do the “self-drive” tour.  The Restaurant, accommodation and curio shop is well worth the visit.