About Bokkom Laan (Avenue)

Ah… the famous Bokkom Laan, home of tasty dried Bokkoms.

A West Coast delicacy, traditionally enjoyed with fresh bread, homemade jam, accompanied by a glass of white wine. Bokkom Laan has been written about, it has been raved about, it has disappointed those that do not see the appeal, yet it is only a little dirt road of about 700m situated next to the Berg River, where fishermen have their own private Jetties for their fishing boats.

The appeal lies in the old historical little buildings where you will find the “Bokkom dried fish process”, and because of the fish, you will get some quite tame Herring and Pelicans prancing around, as well as a few of their Geese pals. These birds are great opportunists that are waiting for a tasty morsel of Mullet or Harder guts before it is salted and hung up to cure on the drying racks as you enter Bokkom Avenue.

Bokkom Laan is home to Artists, and little shops that sell anything from Art, Jams, second-hand goods, tasty hamburgers, and incredible coffee with carrot cake. A restaurant and wine-tasting gallery.